Some people find that changes in their routine can contribute to a migraine. For example changing sleep patterns or changes caused by long journeys can precede an attack. Many people complain that they get migraines at the weekend, or when they go on holiday. Without the daily grind of getting up and going to work, or getting the kids off to school, you may have a lie in, not have your usual morning coffee, eat at different times, or you may go out and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Alternatively, it may that you have relaxed from your normal stressful life, and it is the relaxing that triggers the migraine attack.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying or weekends or holidays! If you are finding your migraine attacks strike just as you start to unwind for the weekend, you may want to consider still getting up and having breakfast at your normal weekday time to ensure you start the day right. Or, if going on a big holiday, you might want to transition or taper your routine into the holiday by allowing yourself to sleep in a little more each day. If it is relaxing that triggers your migraine attacks, consider some lifestyle changes to relax more during the week, or consider exercising in the morning of your weekends to get the heart rate up just like work would. Finding consistency is the key.

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