The organising committee is the main leadership group of Migraine Australia, comprised of the board members and the chairs of all of our working groups. All members of the organising committee are people living with migraine, most of whom are at the more debilitated end of the migraine spectrum.

Raphaella Kathryn Crosby – Founder and Chair (Gold Coast)
Raphaella Kathryn (RK) is a political consultant and academic specialising in voter behaviour, with experience in establishing NFP and member based organisations from her previous political work. She lives with hemiplegic migraine, migraine with brainstem aura, and migraine aura without headache, and has been unable to work since 2012. However, she is a super-responder to Aimovig so is hopeful of returning to some kind of work once its availability on the PBS is secured. RK was the chair of the organising committee, and was behind the original No Aimovig No Vote petition that led to the creation of Migraine Australia. She still does most of the advocacy work and liaising with drug companies and parliament, but has stepped back from some tasks while she finishes her PhD.

Laura Cala, Chair of the Admin and Finance Working GroupĀ  (Perth)
Laura Cala is an Accountant working within the education industry and holds joint ownership of 2 businesses within WA. Laura lives with Vestibular migraines; which developed from chronic migraines that began in her early teens. Laura is passionate about raising awareness and advocating for those who live with migraine disorders. Laura is a Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) Ambassador and is the creator of the blog the Dizzy Diaries. Laura feels very fortunate to be a member of the Migraine Australia Advisory Committee and is excited about the difference she can make. Laura is heading the team that is looking after our memberships, fundraising and other administration.

Lynette Bernes, Admin and Finance working group, (Brisbane)
Lynette is a general manager for a transport company, Hector the Erector. With qualifications in Human Resources and Accounting, Lynette is a great asset to our new organisation making sure we get all the administration right. After years of infrequent migraine attacks (some of the more scary hemiplegic type), she got an attack one day back in 2017 that didn’t go away and has changed her life. She is also a passionate advocate for migraine because it affects her mum, son and other members of her family.

Rachel Molloy, Research and Advocacy working group (Sydney)

Rachel is a long standing public servant with a background in political philosophy and psychology. She has a strong working knowledge of the machinery of government of has experience working with all levels of government. Rachel lives with chronic migraine with aura which developed from episodic migraine in her late teens. Rachel is excited to be a member of the Migraine Australia Advisory Committee at such an important time in for migraine treatment.