Migraine Australia is a national patient advocacy organisation to support all Australians living with migraine and their families.

Through advocacy, information and support, and led by people living with migraine, our mission is to actively and demonstrably improve the quality of life and wellbeing of all Australians living with migraine and their families, and reduce the burden of migraine on both those directly affected and the broader community, through the prevention of migraine attacks, medication overuse headache, and other migraine related conditions.

Our Goals

We have identified four broad goals.

  1. Advocate for people living with migraine through lobbying, making submissions, and other actions to ensure people living with migraine are heard in any decision making processes.
  2. Support the migraine community by achieving practical changes that make our lives easier, improve our quality of care and life, and providing opportunities for people living with migraine to connect and share.
  3. Raise awareness of migraine in Australia, from what it is, to how to manage it and how others can support people living with migraine.
  4. Coordinate and encourage migraine research that benefits the health and wellbeing of people living with migraine.

Our Priorities

There’s lots of things we want to do to improve the lives of people living with migraine. These are some of our priorities so far.


  • We will work to be an active contributor and facilitator for the migraine community
  • We will employ people with migraine, at all levels, to ensure that all our work is deeply connected to the migraine community and people living with migraine
  • We will enable and empower people with migraine to have a say on what we do and how we help them and the migraine community


  • National advocacy for migraine and people living with migraine
  • Raise awareness and the profile of migraine
  • Work with both federal and state governments to improve provision of health and welfare services for people with migraine
  • Work with stakeholders to improve awareness and understanding of migraine in their fields


  • Provide online and offline support for people living with migraine and their families
  • Work to change our community and work environments wherever possible to become more migraine friendly
  • Provide access to a directory of migraine specialist practitioners


  • Develop and promote effective migraine management
  • Reduce medicine overuse headache 
  • Prevent the transformation of episodic migraine attacks into chronic migraine attacks or intractable migraine
  • Provide accurate and empowering information about migraine treatment options


  • Commission research about patient experience and prevalence
  • Provide research grants to academic migraine researchers, focusing on the needs of patients and migraine management
  • Provide accurate and timely ‘plain English’ information about research on migraine