What is migraine to you? All throughout August we’re asking you to share on social media what migraine is from your perspective.

We want you to tell us what migraine is to you! Is it a priority, is it manageable, is it a journey?

Show us! Tell us! Help us raise awareness!

Here’s what to do to take part:
1. Write on a blank piece of paper what migraine is to you.
2. Take a selfie holding your piece of paper.
3. Post it on your social media and hashtag #migraineis (share it on our Migraine Australia Chat Group too!)

If you’d like to, you can also record a video. If you’re feeling less brave, you can just do a post without the picture of you, but remember to use the hashtag #migraineis so we can see them all!

If you’d like us to share your video on the main Migraine Australia channels, simply record a 1 minute video and tell us who you are, what state you live in, what migraine is to you and what subtype of migraine disorder you have. Email to info@migraineaustralia.org, and we’ll take it from there!

Let’s do this together! Let’s help grow our community and show people they are not alone!

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