June is Migraine Awareness Month and we are just so excited!

There’s a lot going on. Most of the activity will be happening on our socials, so follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Be sure to join the Migraine Australia Chat Group on Facebook too, where we’ll be doing a lot of discussing the issues around migraine, you can connect with other migraine warriors, and there’ll be some exclusive group-only content too!

Use the hashtag #mam2020 in all your migraine-related posts during June so we can be seen and heard, and help convince the world that migraine is not just a headache.

There are 3 big things happening this month.

First, the #151FacesofMigraine campaign is sharing your stories. Read all the stories and submit your own story here.

Second, we have a petition asking both sides of politics to commit to making migraine a national priority. Please sign and share as much as you can! http://chng.it/qbc75XF5

Third, on June 21, put your sunglasses on, take a selfie, and post it to social media for the global Shades for Migraine event.

Also very cool: you can buy your own limited edition #mam2020 merch right here!

See more and get updates on our main #mam2020 page.

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