We had hoped that we’d have a Christmas present of good news today regarding Ajovy’s application to PBAC for listing on the PBS.

It’s not bad news though. PBAC have deferred their decision on Ajovy. They said:

The PBAC considered fremanezumab (Ajovy) was an alternative treatment to Botox and galcanezumab (Emgality) for patients with chronic migraine and provided a similar reduction in monthly migraine days.
The PBAC was of a mind to recommend fremanezumab for listing on the basis of cost-minimisation to Botox or galcanezumab. However, the PBAC deferred making a recommendation to address the uncertainties regarding the number of patients who would be treated and the net financial cost of listing fremanezumab on the PBS.

Excerpt of reason for PBAC’s deferral of Ajovy decision. Read in full

This is frustrating for many reasons, but it is important to note that if you have signed up to the Ajovy PFP (which provides Ajovy for free until PBS or they advise otherwise) then nothing changes for you. You will keep getting your deliveries of Ajovy from the Halo Pharmacy every three months.

Note, however, that Halo is surrounded by bushfires, so there may be some delay in deliveries through this unusally brutal bushfire season.

We will continue to advocate for all of the CGRP antagonists to be listed on the PBS as soon as possible.

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