All three CGRP antagonist monoclonal antibodies, Aimovig, Emgality and Ajovy, are all now available with a private prescription.

If you get it privately you have to pay for it, but you can get the script from a GP or a neurologist. There are no restrictions like needing to have failed other drugs, or needing to have 15 headache days, in order to get it on a private prescription. You may be able to claim some money back from your private health insurance.

Aimovig costs between $750 and $850. Remember, you can still get the first 3 months for free from your neurologist or pain specialist.

Ajovy costs between $820 and $850. You can also access the PFP via your neurologist to get it free until it’s listed on the PBS (maximum 10 per doctor – if your neuro already has their 10, ask them if there is someone else who can put you on the PFP).

Emgality are not doing a PFP, they are doing a discount offer for everyone, which is the first two months free then $297 per month. You need to get a voucher from your doctor when you get your prescription. (If you doctor is not familiar with the process, they need to register at, and they should be able to navigate to Emgality once logged in to print out the voucher.) Take the voucher to the pharmacist, it has the instructions on it of what they need to do and what to charge you.

Note: for all three, it is unlikely the pharmacist will have stock, they will need to order it in for you, and they may charge more than the indicative prices we have been given (shop around!).

Also, if you go to a GP for a script, they probably won’t know what you are talking about – you will need to tell them. Only neurologists have been briefed by the drug companies.

Obviously these prices are out of reach for most people, and we need to maintain pressure to get all three drugs on the PBS. You can help by contacting your local MP – read the ‘how to’ in the Chat Group.

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  • I have been on a free trial for Aimovig and after a lifetime of migraines, I’m now 68, I have finally found something which has stopped them almost completely. I can finally live a normal life but so very disappointed that it is so expensive. I am really hoping it will be funded but it’s not looking good so far.😕

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