Following the successful recommendation that Emgality be put on the PBS at the July PBAC meeting, we are very hopeful that both Aimovig and Ajovy will be similarly recommended at the November meeting. But we need your help.

The only way you can make your voice heard on your need for access to these new medications is to make your own submission to PBAC. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the submission form on the Department of Health website
  2. Select ERENUMAB – Aimovig or FREMANEZUMAB – Ajovy (you can’t select both, but you can do two submissions, one for each drug).
  3. Select ‘individual’ and enter your contact details.
  4. In the declaration and consumer interest boxes, put ‘someone living with migraine’. If you are currently taking Aimovig, put that in too.

    If you are a friend or family member of someone living with migraine, put that in the declaration box, and leave the consumer interest box empty.
  5. In the ‘what comments would you like to make…’ box tell your story of how much migraine affects your life and why you want Aimovig/Ajovy on the PBS. If you have tried Aimovig and failed, say that, and that you want the chance to try the others. If you haven’t attempted Aimovig or have had success, put that in too. Don’t hold back or try and be formal – tell them how debilitating migraine is, how much it affects your family, and if you have had success with Aimovig, what a difference it has made.

    Be sure to say you support all of the new medications being on the PBS so we can all find the right treatment.
  6. In the ‘where did you learn about this’ box put ‘Migraine Australia’.
  7. Check the terms and conditions box and click submit.


Migraine Australia will also be making a submission as an organisation, and will work with the committee as much as we can to make sure Aimovig in particular is recommended. We do understand the anxiety of those who are currently paying beyond what they can afford, or have had to stop taking it because they can’t afford it, even though they had great results. If you are in that position, be sure to include that in your submission.

Thank you all for your support in helping make better treatment options a reality for all Australians living with migraine.

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