Migraine Australia was registered as a company in December 2019. We are proud to say that all of our volunteer board members have a lived experience of migraine.

Board - 1 (1)

Hannah Smith, Chair
Hannah is a Sales and Marketing leader with extensive experience in consumer behaviour. She also has extensive experience in education and training and is an excellent presenter. Hannah is an experienced board member having sat on the Board of Shop! ANZ, a professional association for shopper experience and retail marketing. While on the board she chaired both the Membership Committee and the Education Committee. Both Hannah and her brother live with migraine.


Suzanne Vale, Secretary
Suzanne is an Australian legal practitioner who now runs her own businesses. She writes tender submissions and other documents for architectural and other design disciplines, specialising in major projects, and owns and runs a coworking space in Collingwood, Melbourne. Prior to becoming a lawyer, Suzanne held various policy roles in the Victorian Department of Education and Training. Suzanne was diagnosed with migraine in 2011 which contributed to her decision to leave employment in 2016 and work for herself.


Linda Rollason, Chair of the Advisory Committee
Linda is a registered psychologist working in a private hospital. She has had good results with Aimovig reducing her migraine attacks by half. She is very passionate about both her work in mental health and making a difference to the migraine landscape. She is on Migraine Australia’s board representing the advisory committee to ensure patients always have a voice in the organisation’s activities.


Professor Paul Rolan, Chair of the Medical Advisory Board

Paul is a pain management physician, and clinical pharmacologist who has been involved in headache research and treatment for over 25 years. Paul will be forming a board of medical professionals with an interest in migraine to help advise Migraine Australia’s work.

Mariëtte Snyman

Mariëtte is an experienced marketing leader, strategist and certified practising marketer (CPM) with more than 20+ years demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry (SaaS), as well as Finance, Insurance, Tourism, Marketing, PR and Government industries, around the globe. She has served on a number of non-profit boards and committees in the past. She is currently serving as an advisory board member to the Australian Marketing Institute (AAMI) State Committee (NSW), plus a mentor to the AAMI mentees for 2 years running. Mariëtte is a strong advocate for people living with migraine, having been diagnosed when she was only 4 years old.

Jeanine Orzani

Jeanine is a union organiser, currently on a break from work due to the burden of caring for her 22 year old daughter, who has become completely debilitated by the abdominal migraine she has suffered since she was two. It is suspected Jeanine has four generations of her family living with migraine. Jeanine is helping to organise Migraine Australia and recruit the assistance needed for the organisation, and is working on a program to improve employer awareness and help make workplaces more migraine friendly as chair of the Workplace Working Group.

Canberra Photographer Hilary Wardhaugh
Anne Kingdon

Anne is a lawyer and former public servant and policy officer, including 15 years service in the federal Department of Health. She and her children live with migraine. She is also a member of the board of directors of the Cancer Council of the Australian Capital Territory.